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Before Facebook, blogs and emails, keeping in touch required the use of good old fashion pen and paper (and a generous supply of duct tape).   For me those correspondences with friends and crushes over the long summer months evolved into my signature “Survival Packs”; the literary equivalent of a variety show, containing equal doses of humor and reality all wrapped up in a secure silver package.

Now, many years later, after a divorce, an embarrassing dip in the dating pool and a new Brady sized relationship I find my perspective to be very different. This time the survival I’m writing about is my own, and the recipient is everyone who had to wrestle with the complexities of life only to be bitch slapped and pinned in a surprising reversal. If “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was meant to nurse your inner being with it’s tender healing words then “Survival Pack” is the combat medic keeping your spiritual guts in place with a roll of duct tape and fist full of aspirin, …or M&Ms, whatever gets you through the day.  So to all you wounded souls I offer a sincere “howdy” and enjoy the show,…



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2 thoughts on “Intro Pack”

  1. Dear Quinn,

    You said this far better than I did in my blog. I too am feeling that way. And then I look at my law degree and wince….I’ve almost decided not to put much up on my blog. And yeah, I got sick of bugging friends in hopes of getting another Facebook like. I got tell you, even being on HUffPo isn’t changing my numbers, but my Dad likes it!

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